Students step up learning

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 27-Nov-2015

FRESH OUTLOOK: Four new Year 11s take a look at Bendigo Senior Secondary College.

ABOUT 900 new year 11 students were welcomed at Bendigo Senior Secondary College on Wednesday for their first day of orientation and the launch of the Step Up program.

During the orientation day the students were introduced to the college where they will start study in 2016. 

Students were accompanied by their current year 10 home group teachers in order to ensure a stress-free transition. 

The day gave students the opportunity to navigate the college grounds, classrooms and

Students were also able to collect their timetables, familiarise themselves with the BSSC computer system, learn about the online safety program as well as get to know services available to them and their parents at the school.

They also participated in a session which aims to build effective study skills ahead of the Step Up program. 

As part of the program students will be able to begin classes and coursework in order to prepare for their study in 2016. 


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