Prejudice in society is so bitter

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 13-Jul-2017



 we lived in a country where it was socially and legally unacceptable to marry whichever gender we liked, it would be a dismal place indeed. 

Imagine a prejudice among society so bitter that you were criticised for something as uncontrollable and natural as who you love. 

Envision the idea of not being authorised to sign a few pieces of paper to celebrate your devotion to your significant other, simply due to the matter of their gender. 

This is the reality of our nation. This is the anguish that thousands of men and women in Australia encounter. 

And for what? Because of our common religions? The same theory that promotes love and connection among the human race? 

Because of our history of traditional belief? The same traditions that are changing and evolving every day to suit our current time?

We are in 2017, an era of acceptance, a time working for equality. We as a society have worked hard over the years to lower the perception of racism and sexism, reducing the idea of supremity among a certain gender or culture. 

Why are we still not budging for equality among same-sex couples? The stigma around homosexuality is worthless and does not benefit anyone except the homophobic people themselves, and only in the aspect of feeding their arrogant pride.

If we’re living in a so-called free country, why is our own government not implementing acceptance and freedom to love and marry who you want, regardless of gender?

If you truly love someone, you will love them for their persona that cannot be measured by their physical attributes. 

You will commit to them for the thoughts in their head and the identity of their heart, regardless of sexual attraction and despite the form of their gender. Many youths of our generation have adjusted to the regular idea of more than just heterosexuality.

It is not uncommon for young people to question who they’re allowed to love and decide that it’s more than just the opposite sex. 

If we spread love and acceptance, more young people will be able to have their own thoughts and sexual preferences, and be exposed to the normality of diverse sexualities. 

Why can that not be the same for the older generation of our nation?

The only way we can truly accept the concept of LGBTQ+ groups is to have our own government show acceptance. 

The very first step to that is making these people feel as if they belong. The only way that will happen is if we legalise same-sex marriage in Australia, and break the barrier between heterosexuality and homosexuality for good. 

– Georgia Bottams,
Year 10 student, Eaglehawk
Secondary College


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