Drama at the cinema

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 02-Nov-2016

TOP TALENT: Sophie Mathisen.
A new feature film by two Victorian sisters, Sophie and Dominique Mathisen, is coming to Bendigo this month. 

Drama, set entirely in Paris and London, celebrates the value of friendships that often outlast the relationships with those that share our beds. 

“These days you are less likely to find ‘the one’ and more likely to find ‘one of many’. Close, enduring friendships are often the true love stories of our time,” writer, director and lead actor in the film Sophie said. 

Drama is the first feature for the sisters, daughters of Bendigo residents, Gary and Bernice Mathisen. 

Older sister Dominique produced the film and is proud of the way it was made. 

“We self-selected a minimum 50 per cent quota of women on this project. We wanted to give talented, emerging women a chance to shine.”

Drama is independent filmmaking at its best, with the sisters receiving no government funding to complete the film that has to date played in London, Paris, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. 

Drama must pre-sell 52 tickets before November 6 to go ahead with the planned screening at Bendigo Cinemas on the November 17.  Support this homegrown project by securing your ticket here. 



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