Forest Flaw: a beautifully flawed creative space

Ben Cameron | Bendigo Weekly | 10-Oct-2011 1.15pm

The imagination of Robyn Helbard is out for all to see.

If cute n’ kooky is your thing, you’ll love Forest Flaw, an art exhibition with a difference, from a truly unique mind.

Bendigo artist Robyn Helbard’s hand-stitched creatures from the “other forest’, a place which until now has lurked only in her “bright, kooky, melancholy, dark and different, with a strange twist of humour” imagination, have been on display at El Gordo from Saturday (October 8).

Inspired by books, film, music, the subconscious, even dreams, where wizards, foxes, woodsmen and robots all live in harmony, Helbard has tapped into the inspired and the different- think of a hand-stitched world, with a taste of Tim Burton and Wind In The Willows, and you’re pretty much there.

“It is not a traditional sort of exhibition I suppose, no installations or paintings,” Helbard says.

“I was looking for a creative outlet that wouldn’t take up too much space as I live in a tiny house.

“However, now I have taken over the entire living area with bags of material and stuffed creatures anyway!”

Those creatures, which took from five to 10 hours to individually create, are divided into three distinct categories: Creatures, Costumes and Characters.

“The Forest Flaw has been a whirlwind from the beginning,” Helbard says.

“Since the idea hit upon me earlier this year, it has consumed my life.

“I now struggle to meet demand for each new creation I breathe life into.”

Breathe in some left-field creativity at El Gordo from October 8 to November 11.

Nicole Murphy commented on 11-Oct-2011 09:25 PM5 out of 5 stars
Looks fantastic. Can't wait to come check it out.


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