Forever Young produce the c word

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 10-Apr-2012 12.10pm

James Southwell and Trevor Young smash it out.


At the heart of any great band is that one elusive factor…chemistry! 

You can have your craft down pat and boast experience galore, but remove that vital C word and well... 

I’m sure we’ve all attended a few of those going-through-the motions-gigs on occasion… kinda boring ain’t they?

Chemistry?! Forever Young boast it in abundance. 

This is a band of dedicated lifelong musicians whose on-stage synergy, presence and supercharged performance is one built on a passion for playing live, original rock n roll, the way it should be played. 

That is, with genuine attitude, incomparable musicianship, top shelf material and refusing to play it safe and nice.

The audience that attended Forever Young’s Bendigo debut at the Newmarket Hotel on Saturday (April 7) bore witness to a truly great band comprising some of the country’s finest players.

The band as a whole gel uniquely and rock like crazy, with drummer Trevor Young and guitarist James Southwell sharing vocal duties. 

They are a great and highly entertaining team, with some good natured s**t stirring being bandied about amongst themselves, whilst throwing all they could muster into a superbly passionate and highly physical performance. 

Guitarist Maurice McGovern and bassist Trevor Crumb locked in tight all night delivering superlative performances.

Considering it was Easter Saturday, and with all the attendant distractions that Bendigo had to offer, it was a pretty reasonable crowd that ventured to the Newmarket, with most staying till stumps, and leaving duly stunned and mightily glad they supported live rock n roll on this particular night.

Local support act Lowpoint must be commended for a typically high energy performance that went down a treat with an audience that was anticipating a night of first rate rock n roll from the get go.

The only bummer for the night was a couple of obnoxious drunk ladies cranking out the jukebox at ear-bleed volume in the main bar. 

Why p*ss away good money and p*ss off people who pay good money to witness and support live music, on crap R&B top 40 blandola, when for half the price of shovelling coins in a machine all night, they could have enjoyed some fiery, original rock n roll?

If it happens again on Forever Young’s return in a few weeks someone may be subjected to a jukebox enema. 

All in all though a sensational performance from Forever Young, which bodes well for a mightily successful return on May 11, and a gig at Old Hepburn Hotel on Sunday, May 13. 

If you claim to enjoy pure rock n roll, with a slight dash of blues, a good dose of swing and plenty of attitude, then get off the bloody sofa, open the front door and get your butt out there supporting live music in the region, as well as career musicians of the highest standard.


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