Deer Prudence a winner

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 04-Dec-2015


In leaps and bounds, folk duo Deer Prudence, a.k.a Mariah McCarthy and Georgia Delves are starting to make a name for themselves. 

The duo, who first started writing songs together during their music classes at Catholic College Bendigo, have since gone on to study in Melbourne at Collarts where they have been able to develop further their music. 

After recently winning $1000 at Buskfest in Rosebud the pair have no plans to slow down anytime soon.

Vocalist and guitarist for the band, Mariah McCarthy, said while the duo had a great start in Bendigo, it has been good for them be able to go to Melbourne and explore the live gigging scene there. 

The duo have created their own unique image by regularly drawing on deer puns and deer memes on their facebook page which Mariah says they use as much as they can. 

Using a play on words, the band takes its name in part from the Beatles song, Dear Prudence, and their love of deer. 

Mariah said the inspiration for the name came about when Georgia was looking at the word of the day online and found that the word was “prudence”. 

An interest in the word promptly led to a search which showed the Beatles song. 

Featuring Georgia on violin and Mariah on guitar,  the pair write original songs about life’s loves and losses which feature vocals from both girls. 

Mariah explains how their song Creature of the Night was written about getting home at night in Melbourne, which she says can be quite scary.

“We write about whatever is inspiring us at the time,” she said. 

The duo draw on a broad range of musical influences including Neil Young, Eva Cassidy, Laura Marling and Joni Mitchell, however Mariah says that their major influence has been Swedish folk duo, First Aid Kit.

Having recorded most of their as-yet untitled first EP which is due for release early next year, the girls are now focusing on scoring gigs at a variety of music festivals. 

Already having scored places at the Angelsea Music Festival and the Wintermoon Festival in Queensland the girls are now looking into the possibility of performing along the east coast of Australia and are hoping to one day perform overseas. 

With performances at the Bendigo Blues and Roots Festival, the Brunswick Music Festival, Spring Fling Festival along with a string of smaller gigs across Melbourne in 2015, the future looks promising for the duo. 


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