Cold Snap: Q and A with Joe Valenti

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 25-Oct-2011 3.05pm

Joe Valenti (far right) and Cold Snap will be a regular feature in Bendigo over the month of November.

By now most Central Victorian musical connoisseurs should well aware of Rhythm and Blues sensations Cold Snap, who’s local popularity continues to soar thanks to their spectacularly energetic live show.

For three years running Cold Snap have played to large and enthusiastic audiences at the Rock & Blues in Bull Street gigs over Easter, as well as wowing New Year’s revellers for the past two years as the star entertainment in the Hargreaves Mall. 

With a rush of Central Victorian shows coming up, MICK GRIFFIN caught up with singer and guitarist Joe Valenti for a chat.

MICK: You’ve played a couple of gigs at the Shamrock Hotel’s Gold Dust Lounge, how did they go?

JOE: We had a fantastic time. The audience was great! It’s such a fabulous venue… a great place to play. In fact we are booked to play the Gold Dust again on November 18, which will be the week before the Bendigo Blues & Roots Music Festival which we will also be playing.

MICK: How are you feeling about being a part of the inaugural festival? What’s the vibe you’ve been getting?

JOE: Just looking at the calibre of acts that will be playing the festival, I mean guys like Geoff Achison, it speaks volumes for the support for this festival from musicians who want to see the festival succeed and grow. We are really excited about performing at the very first Bendigo Blues & Roots Music Festival. We played at one of the fundraisers at the Goldmines Hotel and it was so much fun, the atmosphere was great. The festival itself is going to be fantastic.

MICK: What of local musicians or bands, who stands out?

JOE: There’s some great players on the Bendigo Blues Scene. Last New Year’s Day Sonia (Joe’s wife and Cold Snap singer/saxophonist) and I chanced upon the Blues Jam at the Newmarket Hotel. That was a fantastic day. We got to hear and play with some incredible talent. When you’re playing your own shows it’s not always easy to catch other acts, no matter how much you’d like to, but on this particular day it was as if the planets were aligned. Marc Leon is one musician on the local scene I always try to catch when possible, he’s such a great guitarist, I love his playing.

MICK: Your live show is incredible Joe; can you talk about the on-stage chemistry between Sonia and yourself? What makes for a great show?

JOE: We are very much a band that feeds off the audience. It’s a great feeling knowing that people are responding to your performance. The more an audience enjoys the show, the more we do as well. We pride ourselves on our entertainment value, this is a real Rhythm and Blues revue. We have so much fun doing what we do, I just love having Sonia on stage with me. Can you imagine doing something you love with someone you love? It doesn’t get any better than that! As much as I enjoy playing guitar my favourite part of any show is when I get to put the guitar away to dance, and interact with Sonia. The chemistry between us is incredible. I’ve had feedback from audience members saying they feel almost voyeuristic watching us on-stage together. I guess we get into so much I can understand why! 

MICK: With the success of your live CD release Authorised Bootleg are there any plans for a studio recording?

JOE: Certainly, that’s one of our main goals for 2012. The reaction to the live CD has been incredible. It’s a no-frills recording, just us live at that point of time and it’s a really good indication of our live show as such. We’ve sent copies to community radio stations throughout the country and the response has been amazing.  As to when our next CD release might happen, well that’s a matter of timing. We all have work and playing commitments which makes the time needed to actually write and record kind of hard to come by, but it will happen.

Cold Snap play Heathcote’s Idavue Estate as part of the Reds & Blues series on Sunday, October 30, the Gold Dust Lounge on Friday, November 18 and the Bendigo Blues & Roots Music Festival on Saturday, November 26, in both Rosalind Park and the Gold Dust Lounge.


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