Bonnie at 100

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 20-Nov-2015

MESSAGE FROM THE QUEEN: Bonnie Reidy is 100.


THERE is no secret to becoming a centenarian according to local woman, Bonnie Reidy who celebrated her 100th birthday on Wednesday. 

Born on November 18, 1915 in Rushworth, Mrs Reidy spent her childhood on a farm where she milked the cows, churned butter and had to get to school either via walking or horseback each day.

As an accomplished dressmaker at the Beehive, Mrs Reidy often made clothes for her eight children and even created her own wedding gown, which she wore on November 19, 1938 when she married William Reidy.

Despite losing her son, Paul, in Vietnam in 1969 and her husband in 1978, her daughter, Bernadette Dove, said Mrs Reidy remains a strong and resilient woman. 

“She has been a role model to all of us and is friendly and loved by everyone everywhere she goes,” Mrs Dove said. 

When asked about how turning 100 feels, Mrs Reidy simply said “it’s okay”.  

“You can’t go back further,” she said. 

Mrs Reidy will celebrate the milestone with her friends and family on November 28, along with some of her 23 grand children and 33 great grandchildren. 


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