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Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 05-Feb-2016

HELPING OUT: Volunteers at Foodshare.

LOCAL organisation Foodshare is nominating for a Sustainability Award. 

Foodshare collects food from organisations that have overproduction or excess and distribute it to local charities and schools as well as other agencies. 

It is only two years old yet has 53 volunteers who work there.

Chairman of the board Cathie Steele said they have 60 schools they supply as well as 43 different agencies from St Vinnies to the Salvos and other community

“We also provide community meals to 10 different groups,” she said.

The group also supplies emergency relief for individuals and families experiencing extreme hardship.

Each week Foodshare have their own suppliers provide food, from the big supermarkets to the local bakery. 

Trucks come from as far away as Mildura and they work in with Foodbank

 A truck arrives from Melbourne once a week. 

Foodshare is applying to be part of the awards as it saves the food going to landfill and therefore save more than 6000 tons of greenhouse gases. 

The organisation also saves 78,000 kilolitres of water that was used to produce that food and sources more than 40 per cent of the food locally from the Bendigo

Foodshare wants to increase fresh food supplies so people can eat well.

One of the programs Foodshare contributes to is St Luke’s Educational Services unit. 

Students participate in a cooking program where they learn to plan shopping, cooking and provide meals regularly. 

The unit now has a regular supply from Foodshare and is able to run this program as a continuing feature to educate students how to cook and eat well.

Foodshare is a volunteer organisation but it still has to run their vehicles and has one paid operations

The group operates on donations and goodwill. 

Foodshare does need help though, so it are applying for the awards as there are financial prizes.

If you would like to help go to www.bendigofoodshare.org

The Bendigo Sustainability Awards are about celebrating change and recognising improved sustainability. 

Learn more at www.bsg.org.au 


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